Classes for Children


To register, call the Library Arts Center office at 603-863-3040.

Download the Child Class Registration Form.

**PLEASE NOTE: If the class of your choice is full or canceled due to lack of enrollment, you will be notified and entitled to a full refund. Class tuition is due in full on or before the first day of the class session. Make-up classes will only be offered when the instructor is unable to teach his/her class.

Members of the Library Arts Center may subtract 10% from tuition prices of all classes. 

SCHOLARSHIPS: The Library Arts Center has a Studio Scholarship Fund for children.  If you would like information on how to receive a full or partial scholarship for your child or if you are interested in donating to this fund please click here.

****PRE-REGISTRATION FOR CLASSES IS REQUIRED!****  Classes fill up fast, so register early!  Registrations are taken on a first-come, first -served basis.  You may call the Arts Center to add your child’s name to a class list, but your registration is not complete until we have received your registration form, and tuition in full.  *Drop-ins are only welcome if noted in the class description.

Music with Friends
Music with Friends(Session One) Fridays July 11, 18, 25 & August 1, 10-10:45am
(Session Two) Fridays August 8, 15, 22, 29, 10-10:45am
Instructor: Julie Love
Ages: Infant – 5 children with a caregiver (between 6 and 12 children in the class)
Tuition: (for 4 week class): $35.00 for caregiver & 1 child, $10 for each additional child in family
**We recommend signing up for the full session if possible. For those unable to attend the full session, note that drop-ins are welcome $10 a class for child and caregiver, and $5 for each child in that family.
Description: Experience making music with your children & friends in this class designed for young children & their caregiver. Music will come to life as everyone Sings, Dances, Drums & Claps for Fun, experimenting with voices, instruments & movement! This class will meet in the gallery.

Intermediate Watercolor for Tweens and Teens
Instructor: Patti WarrenWatercolor Brush
Dates/Times: Tuesday, June 24, 10am- 2pm
Ages: 12-teens
Tuition: $20
Description: Intermediate Watercolor for Tweens and Teens
Watercolor techniques and composition will be the focus of this workshop. Students will complete one watercolor sketch and one finished painting–ready for framing! Some experience required. Bring a bag lunch.

Poetry and Painting
Instructors: Caitlin Mauser Rowe and Christine Baker
Dates/Times: Tuesday, July 8-Friday, July 11, 9-11am
Ages: 8-11
Tuition: $30
Description: Come learn about creative poetry writing, such as haiku and cinquain, and compose your own poems. Next, artists will paint beautiful pictures to illustrate their words. On the last day, poems and paintings will be sewn into a unique book to take home.

Mixed Media Drawing
Instructor: Debbie Skinner
Dates: Tuesday, July 8 – Friday, July 11, 12-2pm
Ages: teenagers and adults
Tuition: $35
Description: How many times have you tried to draw a person or still life object only to give up in frustration? If you want to increase your skills at figure drawing and still life by practicing the methods of gesture drawing and learning to render with both lines and shadow, while breaking down the parts of the subject into shapes and measured proportions, then this is the class for you. Students will learn to concentrate on small areas of a still life or the anatomy of a hand, eye or nose. Students will learn sighting techniques to increase skills of proportions then learn to create gradations of tone and varying density of lines in your shadows to make the forms appear three dimensional. Various art mediums will be available to enhance your work. This class will also help high school students build portfolios for college.

Wet Felting to Create Garlands
Felted GarlandInstructor: Amber Grantham
Dates/Times: Saturday, July 12, 10am-12noon
Ages: 6 and up, parents are welcome to stay and help out if they wish
Tuition: $25
Description: Use a combination of wet felting and needle felting to create and embellish fun and colorful wooly shapes that will be strung onto a cord to create either a unique garland or necklace. Students will not only leave the studio with a one of a kind artisan garland or necklace, they will also leave with new found felting skills and inspiration.

The Wonder of Worms
Worm Guides: Kate Benson and Jessica Benson EvansWorms
Dates/Times: Tuesday, July 15, 10am – 11:15
Ages: 3-5, enrollment: 8-10 children
Tuition: $8 per child/caregiver pair, $2 for each additional child in family with caregiver.
Description: This class, designed for child and caregiver to take together will explore the wonderful world of worms through story, crafts, song, movement and giggles and will feature a special “live” guest for observation! Wear green if you can, please.

Splash into Watermedia
Instructor: Margaret Dwyer
Dates/Times: Wednesday, July 16, 9:30am-1:30pm (bring a bag lunch)
Ages: 8-13
Tuition: $25
Description: Learn to take watercolor to a whole new bright, fun and colorful place in this class which will be an exploration of materials – taking traditional materials and techniques and jazzing them up with unconventional materials and techniques including, inks and acrylics as well as interesting non paper surfaces to paint on in addition to traditional watercolor paint and paper.

Splatter Painting with Jackson Pollock–FULL (call the LAC to be added to the waiting list)
Instructor: Caitlin Mauser RowePollock
Dates/Times: Thursday, July 17, 9am-12noon
Ages: 10-14
Tuition: $20
Description: Artist Jackson Pollock is best known for his huge paintings made by splattering and dripping paint. In this workshop, artists will learn about Pollock and his art. We will be inspired by this revolutionary artist and then create giant splatter paintings of our own. Most of this workshop will take place outside the gallery if weather permits, and artists should wear old clothes that might get painty.

Experimental Watercolor
Instructor: Margaret Dwyer
Dates/Times: Friday, July 18, 9:30am-1:30pm
Ages: 8-13
Tuition: $25
Description: This watercolor exploration can either be taken in addition to, or separate from Splash into Watermedia. This class will experiment with watercolor, making it do all sorts of colorful, exciting and unconventional things! Traditional techniques and materials will be added upon with unconventional experimental supplies such as shaving cream and fresh leaves.

Comics Workshop with cartoonist Marek Bennett
Instructor: Marek BennettComics Workshop
Dates/Times: Monday, July 21, 10am-2pm (bring a bag lunch)
Ages: 8-12
Tuition: $20
Description: Come explore the infinite world of cartoons & comics storytelling! NH cartoonist Marek Bennett demonstrates basic techniques for creating eye-catching, interesting, challenging comics, and self-publishing them for your friends, family, and community. Marek will share examples of his own work, from local history comics to international autobio-odysseys and intergalactic sci-fi action-adventures, and help you plan and begin your own original mini-comics project to draw over Summer vacation. Learn by practicing the following techniques: basic cartooning and character design, panel to panel transitions, page composition, and book-building and self-publishing on a photocopier. All are welcome; no comics experience necessary! Includes sample mini-comics and inking tools.


Summer Woodland Fairies and Elves Extravaganza
Note: Students can choose to sign up for both morning and afternoon sessions, or can choose to sign up for just one. If a student signs up for both sessions, bring a bag lunch.
Instructor: Margaret Dwyer

Create Summer Woodland Fairies and Elves
Fairy DollDates/Times: Tuesday, July 22 9:30am-12:30pm
Ages: 7 and up
Tuition: $20
Description: Join us in the studio for a magical day of all things fairy! Create a one of a kind woodland fairy or elf doll from flower slippered toe to acorn cap hat (or any variation of that your imagination desires)! Indulge the imagination in a magical woodland creative adventure.

Create Woodland Tea Party Accessories for your Fairy or Elf
Dates/Times: Tuesday, July 22, 1-4pm
Ages:7 and up
Tuition: $20
Description: Create a magical woodland table adorned with one-of-a-kind handmade accessories and food fit for a fairy feast!

Parent and Child Fairy House Building
Instructor: Margaret Dwyer
Dates/Times: Wednesday, July 23, 9am-1pm (feel free to bring a snack or bag lunch)
Ages: Children 7 and up are welcome with a caregiver/parent of any age!
Tuition: $40 for parent and child.
Description:Parent (or grandparent, or fairy loving aunt or babysitter etc.) and Child will work together in this imaginative workshop to create an heirloom quality fairy house to bring home to be enjoyed for uncountable hours of imaginative miniature play. Use items from nature as well as great art supplies to make an amazing permanent fairy house structure that can be enjoyed for years to come. Twisty branches, lofts, fairy ponds, silk leaves, chenille stems ribbons and wool can be incorporated to make a magical fairy doll house to be treasured for years. If you have an electric drill, you may want to bring it with you to class; some will be provided to share for those who don’t own one.


Hand Painted ScarvesFULL (call the LAC to be added to the waiting list)
Instructor: Patti Warren
Dates/Times: Tuesday, July 29, 10am-2pm
Ages: 7-12
Tuition: $15
Description: Hand painted scarves
Ages 12-18
Using permanent ink and blending techniques design your own designer scarf. Scarf fabrics include cotton, bamboo, rayon, and polyester in a selection of colors. Tuition includes 2 scarves, inks, and instruction. Leave class with your completed scarves, a whole new craft, and the excitement and inspiration that comes from a trip to the studio!

Collaged Frames
Instructor: Allison Howe
Dates/Times: Wednesday, July 30, 1-2:15pm
Ages: 6-10
Tuition: $10
Description: Popular Studio Intern Allison Howe makes her debut as studio instructor in this fun workshop on collage. Students will cut and rip colorful paper pieces and layer them on your artful frame creating a one of a kind art piece to hold your own drawings or photos once home.

Felted Puppets
Instructor: Pebbles SillarsNeedle felted finger puppet
Dates/Times: Thursday, July 31, 10am- 4pm with an hour lunch break from 12-1pm (students should be picked up for this hour break)
Ages: 8 – 100!
Tuition: $25
Description: Work with artisan puppet maker Pebbles Sillars to create out-of-this-world finger puppets! Each student will leave class with an original, unique felted finger puppet, newly acquired needle felting skills as well as the joy and inspiration Pebbles brings to the studio! This class is primarily for children, but parents and caregivers are welcome to sign up to take this class with their children. No felting experience required.


Spray Paint and Freezer Paper ResistsFULL (call the LAC to be added to the waiting list)
Instructor: Ann StoutSpray Paint Resist
Dates/Times: Friday, August 1, 9am-12noon
Ages: 6– 12
maximum of 7 students
Tuition: $10
Description: Create a one-of–a-kind tote bag or apron with this great technique. Students will cut creative shapes and letters out of freezer paper, iron them onto their pre-made tote or apron and spray paint on top of the paper. Once the paint dries, the paper will be removed to reveal incredible, colorful, resist images. Students can create designs, incorporate lettering, and have a finished project to bring home, along with ideas for more projects to do at home. When registering please specify tote or apron.

Drawing, Painting and Sculpting Fairies
Instructor: Patti Warren
Dates/Times: Tuesday August 5- Friday August 8, 10am-12noon
Tuition: $30
Description: Learn to draw fairies and pixies in several whimsical and natural settings – learning new drawing skills to create magical worlds on paper. Students will also delve into sculpture making a foil fairy and their own fairy door. Come and enjoy an imaginative week with magical creatures while expanding drawing, painting and sculptural skills and techniques.


Exploration of Movements in Art
**This three week exploration can be taken as a whole or taken by the week

Renaissance Discovery
Instructor: Allison Wood
Dates/Times: Tuesday, August 5- Thursday, August 7, 3-4:30pm
Ages: 8-12
Tuition: $20
Description: Take a look at some major works of art from the Renaissance and work on art projects inspired from them. This week of classes will dive into drawing, painting and sculpture all with the styles and techniques used in the Renaissance!

Impress ‘em with Impressionism
ImpressionistInstructor: Allison Wood
Dates/Times: Tuesday, August 12 – Thurs., August 14, 3-4:30pm
Ages: 8-12
Tuition: $20
Description: Explore masterpieces of Impressionism and take inspiration in them for studio art projects this week. Create paintings with the color, shadow and motion of impressionism. This week will have lots of painting, lots of color, and wonderful inspiration.

Modern Art Mania
Instructor: Allison Wood
Dates/Times: Tuesday, August 19- Thurs., August 21, 3-4:30pm
Ages: 8-12
Tuition: $20
Description: See some of the greats of Modern Art and use them as inspiration for art projects in the studio. From unique materials, to repetition, you will leave the studio with great colorful art projects and an understanding of this art movement that would impress anyone.


Nuno Felting for Kids!
Instructor: Amber Grantham
Dates/Times: Saturday, August 9, 9:30am-12noon
Ages: 10 and up
Tuition: $30
Description: Students will use bubble wrap and “elbow grease” to create delicate felted scarves with layers of silk and wool. Everyone will go home with a unique piece of wearable art! Parents are welcome to stay for class as helpers if they so desire.

Needle Felting Landscapes
Instructor: Amber GranthamFelted Landscape
Dates/Times: Saturday, August 9, 1-3:30pm (children who sign up for Nuno Felting in the morning are welcome to bring a bag lunch and enjoy a lunchtime craft in-between felting classes!)
Ages: 10 and up
Tuition: $30
Description: Painting without a brush or paints! Use a combination of wool fabric, yarn, and wool roving to needle felt a landscape painting. Students will leave the studio with a 5”X7” art piece. Parents are welcome to stay in the studio for this class as helpers if they so desire.

Tales and Treasure from the SeaFULL (call the LAC to be added to the waiting list)
shipInstructors: Kathy and Kate Niboli
Dates: Tuesday, August 12 – Thursday, August 14, 9-10:30am
Ages: 6-10
Tuition: $20
Description: Dive into legends and tales of the sea and bring these stories to life with watery, imaginative and inspired artwork! From mermaids to sea monsters to tall ships and treasure, each day will start with a watery tale followed by a fun and colorful related art project – through the week painting, drawing and sculpture will be covered and a myriad of tales will be shared!

Basket Weaving – Make a Pack BasketFULL (call the LAC to be added to the waiting list)
Instructor: Ray Lagassesmall pack basket
Dates/Times: Monday, August 11 – Friday, August 15, 1-2:30pm
Ages: 10-13
Tuition: $50
Description: In this five day project, each student will create a stunning and useful pack basket! Students will leave on Friday with an incredible, large finished basket that can be worn as a backpack on the way out of the studio!  *Adult helpers are welcome to stay in the studio with children during this class (and appreciated!)


Little Worlds Week!   **Each day is a separate project, so students can sign up for one, two, or all three.

Little World -Turtles!
walnut turtles

Instructor: Stacey Hammerlind
Dates: Monday, August 18, 10am-12noon
Ages: 6-10
Tuition: $10
Description: Create wiggly eye turtles out of walnut shells and felt & create a pond habitat for them! There is nothing more imaginative than creating your own miniature world!

Little World -Dinosaurs
Instructor: Stacey Hammerlind
Dates: Tuesday, August 19, 10am-12pm
Tuition: $10
Description: Create paper mache prehistoric environments for tiny dinosaurs in the studio. Leave with your tiny world, and an imagination filled with prehistoric wonder!

Little Worlds- Mini houses
Instructor: Stacey Hammerlind
Dates/Times: Wednesday, August 20, 10am-12noon
Ages: 6-10
Tuition: $10
Description: Paint wooden houses and design your dream yard (or neighborhood) in this miniature extravaganza!


MosaicsFULL (call the LAC to be added to the waiting list)
Instructor: Stacey Hammerlindmosaic
Dates/Times: Monday, August 18-Wednesday, August 20, 12:30-2:30pm
Ages: 9-13
Tuition: $30
Description: In honor of the ReSEEN exhibit in the Library Arts Center Gallery, make a beautiful mosaic using broken plates and ceramic pieces. This ancient technique creates incredible artwork out of things as simple as broken dishes that would otherwise be thrown away.

Bookmaking(ALMOST FULL!)
Instructor: Stacey Hammerlind
Dates/Times: Thursday, August 21, 10am-12:30pm
Ages: 8-12
Tuition: $10
Description: Create an artisan book by designing and sewing your own book binding to create a treasure to be used at home for writing, journaling, drawing or whatever other creative pursuit you can think of!

Sculpey PensFULL (call the LAC to be added to the waiting list)
sculpty pensInstructor: Stacey Hammerlind
Dates: Friday, August 22, 10am – 12:30pm
Ages: 7-12
Tuition: $10
Description: Create a beautiful pen cover using Sculpey clay and a pasta machine to personalize pens with your own colors designs and pizzazz.

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