Classes for Children


To register, call the Library Arts Center office at 603-863-3040.

Download the Child Class Registration Form.

**PLEASE NOTE: If the class of your choice is full or canceled due to lack of enrollment, you will be notified and entitled to a full refund. Class tuition is due in full on or before the first day of the class session. Make-up classes will only be offered when the instructor is unable to teach his/her class.

Members of the Library Arts Center may subtract 10% from tuition prices of all classes. 

Scholarships: The Library Arts Center has a Studio Scholarship Fund for children.  If you would like information on how to receive a full or partial scholarship for your child or if you are interested in donating to this fund please click here.

*Please check back soon for additional children’s offerings*


Spring Fairy Making
Instructor:  Margaret Dwyer
Dates/Times:  Saturday, March 22, 9:30am-12:30pm
Ages: 7-11
Tuition: $25
Description: Join us in the studio for a magical day of all things fairy!  Create a one of a kind spring fairy doll from flower-slippered toe to acorn cap hat (or any variation of that your imagination desires) in this enchanted studio class.  You can either take just this class, or you can register for the afternoon class as well to keep the extravaganza going.  If you register for the afternoon session, bring a bag lunch.
Spring Fairy Accessories
Instructor:  Margaret Dwyer
Dates/Times:  Saturday, March 22, 1pm-4pm
Ages: 7-11
Tuition: $25
Description:  Join us in the studio for a magical afternoon of all things fairy!  Make a mini twiggy throne, or other fairy friendly furniture and even polymer clay fairy food.  Items made can be made for fairy dolls made in the morning class session (should you choose to register for both) or for other flying friends you may already have at home.  This class will delve into the imaginative, miniature and magical world of fairies and is sure to ignite the imagination of all participants.
Fairy House Building
Instructor: Margaret Dwyer
Dates/Times:   Saturday, April 19, 9am-1pm (bring a snack)
Tuition:  $40
Ages:  7-11
Description:  Make imaginative and amazing permanent fairy house structure that can be enjoyed for years to come.   In this incredibly enchanting class, students build sturdy tree branch houses (with the help of an adult with an electric drill) and then use items from nature including twisty branches, ribbons, silk flower petals, yarns and fibers etc. to create imaginative  lofts, fairy ponds, and living spaces for fairies to live in.


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